Are You Ready? Master Your Knitting Machine

Do you remember why you bought your machine in the first place?  

If you are like most of us, you feel isolated and alone with no fellow machine knitters nearby and no local resources for learning.  

Learning to machine knit can be overwhelming. All those buttons and levers…

KNIT IT NOW can help!

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Tutorials, Classrooms, Quick Wins - all designed to be quick, to the point and help you master your machine


Use ANY machine, ANY yarn and ANY stitch pattern. Custom patterns created for YOU!


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  • Extensive Video Learning Library 
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Once upon a time, we could go to a local store that sold knitting machines for instruction. Sadly, there are very few storefronts left and probably none near you. 

We created Knit it Now in 2010 to fill this gap.  

Using the latest in technology, we can share knowledge and we can help you on YOUR learning journey … no matter where you live.  

Knit it Now is completely online. No software to install or maintain, no old fashioned DVDs.

What knitters are Saying...

"The 5 day challenge was packed full of information and I learned a lot! I watched everyday and did the knitting almost everyday, too. The forum has to catch on is all-give it time. The ribber KAL and the challenges are just what we need to kick start a good habit of knitting out of the rut! Thanks for all of your efforts to keep us knitting!" ~ Cindy M

"Your site is well worth the annual subscription, it keeps getting better and better." ~ Susan G

Knit it Now can help!

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We keep growing ...

  • 55+ NEW video tutorials this year
  • 7 Knit-Alongs (so far)
  • New patterns and tools

Don't just watch videos ....Get knitting! 

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