MASTER your LK-150 Knitting Machine 

Are you ready to do more than plain ‘ol stockinette? Are you frustrated with the progress you've made? 

Dust off that machine and GET KNITTING!

We've put together a 3-part course bundle just for you. Each course walks you through everything you need to know to create the knitwear of your dreams. 

Master your LK-150 Course Bundle

Get off on the right foot, get acquainted with your machine  

  • Setting up your machine
  • Cast on and Bind off
  • Swatching Secrets
  • Scarf, Blanket and Hat projects
  • Essentials EVERY Mker should know 

Your success depends on these basics

  • Stripes and Garter Stitch
  • Increase/Decrease
  • Partial Knitting
  • Hand Manipulation
  • Hems and Ribbing
  • Lace and Cables

Master the buttons and levers, add color and texture with stitch patterns

  • Carriage Settings
  • Selecting Needles
  • Tuck and Slip
  • Plaiting
  • Fairisle and Intarsia

50+ Tutorials | 40+ Exercises and Worksheets | 5 Patterns

All 3 courses for only $89

Let’s get you moving along your machine knitting learning path

Would you like to sit down and feel confident with your knitting machine? Wouldn't it be nice to complete a project start-to-finish without getting frustrated?

Success with your knitting machine is right around the corner for you.  


I’m Sue Jalowiec

At Knit it Now, I've been helping knitters like you for more than 10 years to gain confidence and reach their goals with their knitting machines. 

Our tutorials, exercises, tips and patterns have helped thousands of knitters take the next steps toward mastering their machines.

I’d love to help you too.

The Master Your LK-150 Course puts together all of our tech tools combined with good 'ol common sense to get you knitting!

"Wow this is by far the best money I have ever spent! Awesome tips and how tos - please keep up the great job you're doing!!!! "~ Heather 

"I've learned so much in 2 short weeks!" ~Darlene  

"The tutorials and home study courses offered are the best. Everything is professionally done and easy to understand." ~Angela  

Learning to use your LK-150 is much more than just watching videos. You have to GET KNITTING! 

With the Master your LK-150 Course, you will:  

  • Learn about your machine (toss that manual - understand the settings) 
  • Learn the techniques to make professional-looking knitwear (there’s a difference between hand-made and home-made) 
  • Practice what you learn with exercises and projects (Don’t just watch videos)  

50+ Tutorials | 40+ Exercises and Worksheets | 5 Patterns